Virgin Atlantic

Holiday bookings made easy

Holiday bookings made easy

UX Design

Homepage visual design


How can we redesign the Virgin Atlantic website using the same booking flow as Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines have a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic Airlines (VAA). The aim was to create a consistent user experience for both VAA and Delta customers. Having a consistent booking experience would result in a significant cost saving for VAA.


I was one of two UX leads on the project and we were tasked to:

1. Provide content recommendations to restructure and simplify the website and to;

2. Redesign the booking flow and provide UX documentation and visual designs.

Homepage visual design

Content audit

We audited over 700 pages from VAA’s digital properties. We categorised each page and provided analytics for the key revenue generating pages. We then presented our findings and recommendations to the Virgin Atlantic digital team.

Content audit spreadsheet

Simplifying the site structure

Virgin Atlantic Sitemap

The proposed sitemap documented processes, content groupings and new pages that were made up of several other pages (see the numbers at the bottom of a page). As part of our content audit we were able to simplify the site structure, making it easier for content authors to manage.


Redesigning the booking flow

We worked in Agile design sprints. Each design sprint involved understanding the current experience and identifying areas for improvement. We then started redesigning the experience. Regular calls with the Business Analysis and Technical teams from VAA and Delta airlines — were key.

Wireframe - flight search results
Design - flight search results

Shopping basket behaviour demo — created by Gareth Hughes


Check out the new website, it went live in 2017.


Agency — AKQA (Freelance role)
Client Services — James Burton
Group Creative Director — Ian Wharton
UX Director — Jamie Wilson
Project Management — Chris Guyer
UX — Roxanne Dadgostar, Mehul Hirani
Visual Design — Gareth Hughes, Samuel Viani, Tom Wysocki

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