Beats Music

It was 2012 and Beats Electronics had acquired Music On the Go (MOG), a music streaming service, based in the U.S. Beats Electronics wanted to add to its range of headphones products, by creating a new music streaming service, that would rival Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and others.

R/GA pitched to design the user experience, visual design and branding for this new music streaming service.

Using the Beats Music mobile app as a base, R/GA was tasked with creating a tablet app that improved on the mobile app, pushing both experiences, but at the same time, it needed to serve a different need and context, which was in the home.

Tablet app design
Role - Experience Designer
Agency - R/GA London
Client - Beats Music
Year - early 2013

Artist profile

Social feed within the app

Beats Music Social Feed sketchBeats Music Social Feed sketch
Beats Music Social FeedBeats Music Social Feed


Beats Music Radio wireframeBeats Music Radio wireframe
Beats Music Radio designBeats Music Radio design

App demo

Beats Music launch party