It was 2013, there was fierce competition in the car industry. Volvo had a high sales target that it needed to reach by 2020. The brand was well established and had strong routes in car safety - particularly in seat belt and air bag technology. Perhaps the brand was no longer seen as innovative, modern or the first choice for prospective customers.

My role was to conduct a market landscape, analyse digital touchpoints, conduct a competitor review and to help setup and participate in stakeholder workshops, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Digital Strategy
Role - Senior Experience Designer
Agency - R/GA London
Client - Volvo
Year - late 2013
Volvo  UK EcosystemVolvo  UK Ecosystem
Volvo - Touchpoint analysisVolvo - Touchpoint analysis
Volvo - Stakeholder workshop 1Volvo - Stakeholder workshop 1
Volvo Stakeholder Workshop 2Volvo Stakeholder Workshop 2
Volvo - Customer journeyVolvo - Customer journey